Pohangina Heights

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Pohangina, literally translates as night-time cooking. While its real meaning is lost to time this beautiful valley in Manawatu is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets – its rivers are swimmable and its forests unique and full of birdlife.

At 500 metres above sea level, Pohangina Heights is at the end of a well-cared for gravel road that boasts fantastic views.

The gardens are on the old Linklater family farm. They were lovingly created around the wondrous views and dreamy sunsets as well as the Musterer’s Cottage, built circa 1910.

When the Linklater family sold the farm, their daughter Raewyn was given this idyllic spot. Raewyn and Kerry Hilliard came home from Wellington on the weekends to plant the garden of their dreams. They propagated and planted, built the barn and Hilliard Cottage and generously provided land for a carpark for users of the DoC track next door.

In 2016 the gardens were renamed Pohangina Heights to reflect the views of the valley below. We aim to create a wonderland that adds to the biodiversity of the area and provides inspiration to others…..a garden is a treasure.